Saturday, August 27, 2011

Five Years Later

Five years after the most devastating attacks ever carried out on American soil, an even more significant world-historical event took place in a quiet studio apartment in Harlem: on September 11, 2006, I started this blog.

At the time, I felt as though it was my civic duty, my responsibility to respond to the heinous acts carried out against our people, my way of saying you won't keep us —

Why did I wait five years? That's a good question. Before I answer, take a moment to look at this highly adorable picture of my brother holding me up at gunpoint when we were wee children. Remember, I was a child once. We all were. So, wait, what were you asking again? You've forgotten? Oh, well, do you mind if I continue saying what I was saying. Cool.

It was my duty, as a 9/11 survivor, to post entries to a blog once a fortnight about my sleep patterns and getting stoned and Lil Wayne lyrics. I would not be defeated by the evildoers. But, if I want to, I will blog about being defeated. Though not by you, evildoers. You won't be the defeaters. Some other governmental entity or girlfriend or institutional racism will be the defeater, and I will prevail by blogging about them.

And so that is the humble reason why I decided to be a true hero and start a blog five years ago and, since then, I believe I have held true to my founding vision of: "tak[ing] a couple minutes out of a day to spit [the Internet] back up." Could Gandhi or King or Orwell have said that better? Maybe. Probably not, because they didn't have the Internet.

Next month, to commemorate the five year anniversary of September 11th, 2006 (a.k.a. the real September 11th), I'll be blogging once every two weeks or so, maybe less, about whatever it is I feel like.


blossoming said...

How courageous of you to keep blogging for five years. I gave up after one year; I guess I let them win, alas.

Mik A. said...

It was a good year though!

Chris said...

Mik still smiles like that. Even at gunpoint. Dude is too happy on these streets.

Never forget.

Beej said...

5 years already? good on ya mate!

"let's do the time warp agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain"

(note, the Rocky Horror quote has no real relevance, neither does this comment - please delete at your earliest convenience)

W Kelly Teem said...

You serious w dat shirt bro?!

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