Wednesday, May 25, 2011

RAPE!!! (A Cartoon Regarding Political Matters)

The IMF Chief stands for the IMF. The African Maid stands for Africa. The arrows stand for Neocolonialism in the form of multinational corporations. The frowning faces on both stand for the twilit desolation of the soul in the age of computers and blogs. The IMF Chief's possession of fingers, which are curled around the African Maid's arm, stands for advertising. The fact that the African Maid has "feet" and not the IMF Chief stands for global disparities in wealth wherein the poor must work on their feet all day. The triangle around the African Maid's body stands for the oppression of women by the patriarchal subject of geometry in all parts of the developed and developing world. The comparatively large size of the African Maid's head stands for the attraction that the deviant IMF Chief has towards big-headed women.

This is my first political cartoon.


Ammanuel Admassu said...

I'm feelin' it. If you had a tumblr, datavis would have "reblogged" this.

Chris said...

Shit is deep son. Illuminati.

blossoming said...

You are definitely a writer and not a visual artist. :-)