Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Das Racist's "luv it mayne," Miguel Cervantes's sadism/compassion for his characters, Vado, Alissa Nutting, Leopold Bloom watching the trams of Dublin and thinking about the birth-death cycle ("Cityful passing away, other cityful coming..."), Freddie Gibbs, Odd Future, John D'Agata, Terrence Hayes' poem "Shakur," not mentioning any of the new indie rock bands I'm into because it seems like as soon as I hear about them everyone has heard about them and has an opinion and one feel lames for even mentioning them, Big Sean, "Bwoy, stop!," Tyler the Creator's obsession with Justin Bieber, why is Blake Griffin always the number 1 fucking play of the day on NBA.com?, "Mr. Rager" as the only possible theme song for the inevitable Cohen Brothers' adaptation of Big Machine, he could brick a fucking lay-up and they'd make it the number 1 play of the day, ?uestlove talking about Dilla, Joshua Ferris probably gonna be that nigga for our generation, Wayne's genius use of "durn" in the line "and all I got in return was a durn country song," Hari Kondabalu vs. Hannibal Burress."

What's in your boombox?

TSS: 9

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