Thursday, December 16, 2010

Waiting for Brudah

A wanly lit reading room. Long tables semi-filled with people on their laptops. MIK, a 29-year-old African-American man--adequately handsome with intelligent eyeglasses--removes his parka, drapes it over the back of a chair. A slightly older guy, a STRANGER, with chubby cheeks and a thin mustache, approaches.


STRANGER reaches to shake MIK's hand. MIK is confused, but he shakes the man's hand anyway, smiling awkwardly.

MIK: Hi.

STRANGER: Are you from Nigeria?

STRANGER continues to shake MIK's hand.

MIK: No.

STRANGER: Oh. You look just like a brudah from my church.

MIK: Oh.

STRANGER: Yeah, I thought you were him.

STRANGER is still shaking MIK's hand.

MIK: Sorry...Heh heh.

STRANGER: I wish you were him.

STRANGER stops shaking MIK's hand. His smile slowly fades. He turns to leave, disappears into Brooklyn, Atlantic Avenue, Ocean Avenue, the Atlantic Ocean, God, Heaven, Praise Jesus, Hallelujah, Amen.


TSS: 9.1 (until that last sentence)


blossoming said...

Masterfully described. I used to fume when this sort of thing happened to me, but recently I've taken to messing with people instead. "I know, it's okay, we all look the same," I reply jocularly. "Sometimes I can't even tell my own parents apart."

Another fun trick is waving enthusiastically to a random stranger and watching the look of confusion cross their face as they try to remember who you are and where they know you from... it's not so funny being on the other side of the coin, is it now?

M Dilla said...

I'm sorry, okay? I really thought you were my "brudah" but, upon further mental review, it was just a case of mistaken black people. Ha ha! Ugh. Boy is my face off-white. Thing is, I just ordered some new glasses on Monday at that little Lenscrafters next to my church, you know? Wait, you don't know cuz you're not my "brudah". Right? Anyways, I was in a rush because I was going to get a Nigerian latte with my aforementioned "brudah" but my glasses weren't ready. So, yeah. Um. You sure you don't want to be my African bro 4 Jesus? If so, holler back.

Chris said...

Nobody ever mistakes me for their Nigerian congregant homey now what is more racist?

You led me to expect at least one Brooklyn Jonathan to make an appearance in this drama. Be aware of your reader.

@M Dill: Pearland Pearl Vision baby. 10 Puntos!