Friday, November 19, 2010

100 Tweets of Solitude: Against Blogorrhea

Let me update my status about this new Chipotle I'm eating at.

Let me upload a picture of this delicious burrito bowl to my flickr.

Let me tweet my bite-by-bite reactions to this burrito bowl.

Let me tumblr the feeling of my post-burrito bowl dump.

While I'm taking this dump, let me read the Prologue to Strange Pilgrims by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Let me find this: "Someone, I don't remember who, made the point with this comforting phrase: 'Good writers are appreciated more for what they tear up than for what they publish.'"

Emphasis mine. Hat tip: Michael Burkard.

Don't forget to flush.


Bryan said...

I was looking for this post under its original title, "To Zadie."

chris michel said...

you know June 21 is my birthday, right?

true story scale: 10

Mik A. said...

Birthday noted, CM.

Birthday forgotten, Bryan.