Saturday, September 11, 2010

Blogless August

I'm sorry, blog. I've been busy. There was a wedding. I'm doing shit. Reading, writing, watching instantly. You know how it is. Get off my case, blog. August was hot.

"So why didn't you blog about it?" -- That's probably what you're thinking, blog. But that's dumb. That's a dumb thought, blog. Blogging isn't about just writing about shit that happens to you whenever it happens.

"Yes it is." -- That's probably your dumb response, blog. Is it not? You disgust me, blog. This is why I hate you sometimes. Because you compare me to other people and their blogs. So-and-so just updated his blog. So-and-so just added a new video to her blog. And then re-tweeted something about her blog about his tweet about their blog.

Fine! Go be someone else's blog then! See if I care!

See if I care...

No, I'm not crying, blog. I'm just. It's been hard, blog. August was hard. And of all people I expected you to understand that. When you didn't understand that just a second ago, it just...It hurt, blog. It really hurt.

It makes me question things. It makes me question us.

No, you're right. It takes hard work. I want this to work, blog. I don't want you to be an anachronistic HTML extension of me. I want us to be in singularity with one another. I want this to be going somewhere. I want us to be one.

So. Blog.

You're probably wondering why I'm getting to my knee. What I'm pulling out of my pocket. What I'm holding out to you across this romantic, candlelit expanse of one's and zero's.

Blog, will you make me the happiest man in the blogosphere, and, and...

Tell me how cool my new eyeglasses are!

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Chris said...

BLOG: Quit preening and get on your grind, Four Eyes.