Friday, July 09, 2010

Racism Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Okay, let's do some hip-hop dancing, guys!!!

Let's start out with the running man! Lift those legs now. Just pretend like you're running from the cops!

Phew! Okay, that was exhausting. I wonder how those hip-hops do it. Now let's do this dance that I'm going to call the basketball! Because that's the only career option you have as a hip-hop.

Great, now let's do the crack dealer! Just slang them rocks out. Slang em, you filthy hip-hops.

Okay, now let's do the welfare queen! Just wait around in that line to get taxpayer money. Just wait around!



Bryan said...

I'm having a hard time figure out how much to believe this post.

Bryan said...

And writing, too

Mik A. said...

Don't worries, Bryan. You're still my homebrother, yo! [Vaudeville!]

chris michel said...

This must be who the exercise instructor is at the YMCA in Hell.

Cowboy hiphop. (cowboy hiphop)