Friday, July 23, 2010

An Open Letter to Mozilla Firefox

Dear Firefox,

No offense, but you gotta chill with all these updates, man.

In the middle of downloading one, you tell me there's a newer version available. And then in the middle of downloading that one, you tell me there's an even NEWER version available. And in the middle of downloading that one, you tell me that "Throwdown with Bobby Flay" is on, and you know that's my shit!

I'm feeling disillusionized.

For real though, Firefox, is this the future? Have we arrived at the future already? Did we just exit off the now-way? Is the future going to be an unending upgrade loop? All day long adding useless new features to stuff we already have that works perfectly fine as it is? But never actually getting to use it?

Is this the upgrade conspiracy brewing in our culture? Do I smell dystopia on the horizon? Does it smell anything like Fruitopia? And where can one find Fruitopia anymore, Firefox? Upgrade me that?

Also, do you and Sonic still talk?


True Story: 10


Bryan said...

I *just* thought this.


Katherine said...

switch to chrome