Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Can I Talk? Can I Finish?

I've been on a strange sleep cycle recently. I think the dead of summer, and full moons, and a weird work schedule are all to blame. And because of my strange sleep patterns, I've been having some strange--even for me--dreams.

This morning, for example, I woke up from a dream where I was talking to someone about something somewhere and, in the dream, I had the idea that referencing Dana Carvey's hilarious Ross Perot impressions on SNL was what the conversation required.

"Can I talk? Can I finish? CanItalkcanIfinish?"

My impression was a huge hit in the dream. It was right in that sacred nexus of pop-cultural-nostalgic references. The kind of reference that people remembered, but hadn't thought of really since first seeing it. Everyone was cracking up, and I was given my own television show where all I did was impressions of Dana Carvey's impressions. And I became very rich.

Since I'm awake and blogging about it now, let me just spin this top to make sure I'm really...

Oh, no.

Oh my god.

The top is still spinning!

True Story Scale: 8


Chris said...

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Hodyee said...

I'm secretly addicted to this blog. Please. Keep them coming. Thanks :)