Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I'm waiting for the vuvuzela to make it into a rap lyric. Anybody got any ideas?

In the summer, I'm a beer-drinking fella'/
Six Point got me buzzing: vuvuzela.

Notice how I Draked that line and left out the "like" between "buzzing" and "vuvuzela."

True Story Scale: 1

Rap Dopeness Scale: 93 to Infinite


chris michel said...

weird you say that, cause that’s the second vuvuzela reference I’ve seen today:

(hint: mouseover text)

Bryan said...

Lyric? How about beat. Drive everyone insane.

Chris said...

i'm not gonna clamor for an assist, i'm not demanding a co-producer credit, i'm not looking to get on the acknowledgements page at the front of the book, but you could at least c.f. me once in a while.

Mik A. said...

Bryan, I like the beat idea. Brunt, eat a vuvuzela and check out the ultra-appropriate link posted by Mr. Michel.