Friday, August 07, 2009

Clean on the Outside

I used to be a huge fan of BET's Comic View, especially when Cedric the Entertainer was hosting. Before he started going the Eddie Murphy route of kids' movies, cartoons, and weirdly perfect facial hair, Cedric was the pioneer of incorporating dance moves into his routines. It helped that Cedric was chubby and jolly and actually a really good dancer, and that he never smiled while doing it, which is part of what made his opening routines so hilarious.

Now a lot of comics seem to incorporate song and dance into their routines. Kat Williams' epileptic "Everyday I'm Hustlin" bit is less a Cedric-style song-and-dance number than it is a staged battle of wills between Williams and an unseen DJ who continues to queue up the song despite the comedian's protests: "Shit! Turn it off, sir. Don't play it again."

But there was no one quite like Cedric. What he lacked in hyperactivity, he made up for in smoothness and prowess. And every once in a while, I'll hear a song and think, "This would be perfect for Cedric."

This is such a song. Yeah, buddy.

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