Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Negro Speaks of Blizzards

I've known blizzards:

I've known blizzards as cold as nads, colder than the
Sweet flow of cookie dough and vanilla in a DQ Blizzard (TM).

Cold and snowy. (Did I mention cold?)
I've known blizzards.

I have gone sleeveless in Atlanta
Last Christmas, on my front porch, when it was in the low fifties.
I have gotten away with going out to bars
In only a hoodie and jeans on temperate
January evenings in Little Five Points.

But now I live in Syracuse, New York. Why did I come here?
It is because someone who probably won't stay my girlfriend
Told me it would be "April all year round."
And that the biggest Dairy Queen in America was being built here.
Because she knows I love Blizzards(TM).
Those were the cruelest jokes.

So now I know blizzards.
My soul has grown cold like a blizzard.

I wish I did not know blizzards.

Fuck blizzards.

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