Thursday, November 06, 2008

United Statuses of America

Someone understands her grandmother a little bit better. Another person is elated that Palin and McCain have a black president. Another is Waving the flag. (I know. Can you believe it?
Never thought that day would come.)

RIP cynicism, says another, and still another is the happiest sick person on the planet. Another one wonders if the haters could just take a moment to appreciate how far we've come.

esta super alegre, vamos gente, seamos el cambio que queremos ver.


Someone says quit your sound like a democrat! Another was looking for the change obama promised this morning and looked under my pillow, outside the door, nada. Luckily found some in my bag...Thanx OBAMA. (haha, too funny. I found some change my swagger!)


One walked down the street with a smile daydreaming about one of her future children becoming president of the united states. Another told Jaia this morning that she could be president and she said, "I want to be Spongebob!"

She admits she's taking a little pleasure in your misery. She is worried for America, while he can not imagine a better place or time to be a homosapien.

One is asking all u celebratin' Americans to save me a drink; one is relieved; one is excited that next time she goes abroad she can admit to being American; one says happy tears over politics is a rare and beautiful thing.

Someone is ready for the weekend already.

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emanuel said...

One voted for the young Senator from Illinois at 6:50AM. WOW!