Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lil' Wayne: Top 10 Lines

No homo, but I am an avowed Lil' Wayne dick-rider. So much so that I dead-seriously think someone should get to work on compiling a book-length edition of "The Poetry of Wayne Carter." Then, someone should follow that book with an accompanying critical study.

For the time being, you'll have to settle for what follows below: a list of the most ingenious lines of Weezy F. Baby according to me. Oh, and please, whatever you do, just don't forget to say the "Baby." It makes him really angry if you don't...Yeedig!

10. "Quick Draw McGraw. I went to art school." The first thing you should know about Lil' Wayne is that, like most rappers, he is a pathalogical liar. But unlike most other rappers, he doesn't do it for self-aggrandizement. He's willing to say anything about himself so long as it makes for a hot line. In that sense, he is a pure rapper in the Eminem or Red Man mold: everything is subjugated to the hotness of the line. Especially reality. Whereas other rappers who take themselves more seriously might have qualms about portraying themselves as art school graduates, Wayne does not. But the genius of Wayne is that you'd think that a tactic like lying pathalogically and not taking oneself seriously would help darken the line separating Wayne Carter the person from Lil' Wayne the rapper. But because he lies so often and so lucidly, and because he knows you're expecting him to lie, and because he seems to be Miles-Davis-post-"Bitch's Brew" crazy, it's nearly impossible to differentiate the person from the rapper these days.

9. "If hip-hop is dead, then I am the embalming fluid." After you get over the initial hotness of this line, which comes from his newish single "A Millie," you'll realize that this line makes absolutely no sense. Okay, let's see. If Wayne is embalming fluid, which is what is used to keep corpses from decomposing, then his role in hip-hop is to make something dead seem like it's still alive. Is it an admission of defeat? Beating a dead horse? There are better ways of saying one is a great rapper, so I'm led to believe that either this is a very profound bit of social criticism (and self-criticism), or it's Wayne's way of saying that people who say "hip-hop is dead" are just using words, so I'll use another word to describe myself: "embalming fluid."

8. "I am magnificent like Marcus. You might wanna fall back like August. Or late September whatever you call it." I'm excerpting this line from a freestyle that made its viral way around the interwebs a while back, when Lil' Wayne completely owned the beat from Jay-Z's "Show Me What You Got." I chose this line because it's a great example of the way he's never afraid of going off on tangents. Coming up with the "fall back like August" line might have been enough for 90% of people who call themselves rappers. But what makes Wayne very special, and more than just a rapper, is that he chases the August tangent into the next line, beating you to the punch of correcting him ("late September whatever you call it"), all while keeping it on beat and rhyming. He zigs when you think he's going to zag, and then he just does some other shit. Call him the Greatest Zogger Alive.

7. "Y'all boys too weak, like fourteen days." This line comes at the end of a sequence on Bun B's "Damn, I'm Cold," in which Wayne employs his own version of the familiar "counting rap" method. What's great about this one is that, like most of Wayne's best lines, it's not exactly double-sided. One side of the line makes an aural-verbal sense (too weak sounds like two weeks, which equals 14 days), but the other side, which is comparing "the boys" to "fourteen days" is complete nonsense. This is what makes Wayne special; he actually strives for that kind of absurdity. (Another example: "Handled the game so long, my thumb's bruised." WTF?) The only way this line could have been improved might have been by an ad-libbed "Fortnight muthafuckas!" in the background.

6. "Lampin in the Hamptons like 'What the fuck is a hammock?' The chef up in the kitchen like 'What the fuck is a sammich?'" This brief digression occurs in the middle of a freestyle over the "Knuck If You Buck" beat. It's part of one of those epic Wayne rants that strings together subjects as disparate as a female drug mule who speaks "Spanglish," a blizzard, dealing drugs in Iraq, and a mother who chides her son to hide his jewelry--and somehow it all makes perfect sense. What I love about this particular line, and a lot of the hottest Wayne lines, is his sly use of dialogue. It's also hilarious that he feigns ignorance about hammocks, which you can almost picture him laying in awkwardly, hollering from the yard at his annoyed, uncomprehending chef.

5. The Wayne Cackle. It's not a "line" of quotable music, per se, but the ominous comic book laugh that has become a Wayne trademark actually has a functional purpose. Let's say you're listening to one of his freestyles, trying desperately to catch every pop culture reference (Who is Magnificent Marcus?) he throws out. If you hear Wayne's cackle, and you don't understand why he's cackling, that means you missed something. It's like a footnote for which there's no actual note. But if you try several times and can't make sense of the pre-cackle line, it could also mean that he's just laughing because, unrelated to the song, he's thought of something funny. You never quite know with Wayne.

4. "The hurricane come and took my Louisiana home. And all I got in return was a durn country song." The genius of this line is subtle, but it all hinges on the word "durn." Wayne bends it not only to create the interior rhyme with "return," but also to make the word it's standing in for ("darn") sound more Southern and folksy, like a country song. A lesser, not-as-inventive rapper might have replaced "durn" with "stupid" or "fucking" or "damn." This is what your college literature teacher meant by fusing sound and sense, form and content.

3. "Safe sex is great sex. Better use a latex, 'cause you don't want that late text, that 'I think I'm late' text." This line makes me almost forgive him for subliminally marketing his own condom brand, whose advertising campaign has some eeriee, homoerotic undertones. (Lollicop!) What's not to appreciate about this line: the compressed cautionary narrative of fucking and late-night text getting, the interior rhyme at the beginning, the forked usage of "late," the ingenious coinage of "'I-think-I'm-late' text," and all of it wrapped in a conscious safe-sex message. Besides being a dope lyricist, Wayne knows how to deliver a great line, which is why you have to hear the song to understand how perfect the hectic interior rhymes of the first line slowly unfurl and slow down, like a condescending Sex Ed. teacher, on the "I think I'm late text" line. This is the closest Wayne will ever get to preaching, which is to say not close at all.

2. "How you want it? Show me my opponent [Chewing sound]. Shoeemyponent." This line from Wayne's dizzying final verse on "Stuntin' Like My Daddy" is the kind of line that no other human being but Wayne Carter can dream up. It will take some explaining for those unfamiliar with it. Basically, after he says the first "Show me my opponent," you hear some weird crunching sounds. It's only later, once Wayne repeats the line, rapping as though his mouth is full, that you realize what he's done: Wayne has just eaten his opponent. I barely know how to explain how brilliant that is. Wayne is one of the first rappers who has made noises an integral part of his rapping arsenal. See also: "She back it up like [truck backing up sound]."

1. "I'm headless. No mind. I can say 'Don't rhyme,' and it's gone rhyme." He's right. It does rhyme. And the message in this line is that not only does he do his best work when he's out of his mind, but that he's almost unable to control how good he is when he's in such a state. In lines like this, Wayne reminds me of that place the novelist Thomas Hardy wrote about where the writer's unconscious mind takes over. It's lines like this that make you wonder if he looks back over the page sometimes and wonders, "Shit. How did I come up with that?"

Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments.


Anonymous said...

I think you're overinterpretating his lyrics. He's just high, so that's why he spits that crazy shit. Don't search for deeper sense. Anyway, his lyrics are still dope - I listen to him because of that. And I'm also codeine and opiates addict, so I feel him.

kSK said...

"...Come and get it, anyone can get it
But since I'm the president, I'll be a lil more politic
I'm chillin in the clinic
Cause dats how many nurses, I got working on my dizzick
Snakes in the grass, rats, lizards
But 'round here, snitches don't exist like wizards
Hoe this ain't punch, I'm sippin on some sizzurp
I roll a fat joint, and do my fingers like scissors
Da game so cold, I done had my share of blizzards
But now I got dat big money runnin like rivers..."

Whole "It's Time To Give Me Mine" is lyrically great.

Anonymous said...

"top peeled back like the skin of a potato/seat way back listening to Anita Baker/ ridin by myself smokin weed by the acre"

N. Contemplation said...


Ironically, I found your blog because I was looking for the lollipop remix lyrics. I think the latex late text line is genius. I am a high school teacher in Louisiana home of Wayne and he is probably the number one rapper in my student's mind. I am in a class this summer focusing on developing lessons about african american writers. Some other teachers and I are discussing how to incorporate analyzing 'Lil Wayne lyrics and relating them to more historical writings. In particular we are looking at a book written by Alice Dunbar Nelson "Laughing to Keep Myself from Crying". Esentially, it is a series of character sketches. We feel that rappers are the modern day literature writers in the black community and they are always telling the world about the characters they interact with. Reading your thoughts on Wayne has been interesting. It has sparked some further ideas for me.

Anonymous said...

As much as i love Lil Wayne, i have to say that your post on his lyrics is terrible. You had a couple of good lines about his lyrics but you make it seem like your some kind of lyrical god dissecting everything he says. i don't understand how you can say that his embalming fluid line doesn't make sense. If he is the embalming fluid, that means that he is preserving the game. He is the only thing that is keeping it from going away completely. And how do you not interpret the line "been handling the game so long my thumbs bruise"? Think video games, he's been handling them so long his thumbs hurt from the joysticks; seems pretty obvious to me. I like that your putting together a list like this because Wayne has some ridiculous lines, it just seems too much like your the final word on what his lyrics mean.

Anonymous said...

The chef up in the kitchen like "What the fuck is a sammich" refers to the chef cooks crack and not food, not that he doesn't speak english

Mik A. said...

I think it's a real chef, a food chef, who speaks good English and doesn't understand Wayne's use of the word "sammich." Especially because in the line before, Wayne says "What the fuck is a 'hammock'?" I really don't think it has anything to do with crack. Maybe I'm wrong, anonymous. And maybe you're Lil' Wayne.

Jumbo Shrimp said...

What up.

I stopped listening to hip hop because of songs like "Soulja Boy" and all the stupid nonsense that these ignorant rappers say. Then along came Lil Wayne, Resurrected and college educated. This man is a genius. It's going to take people many years to realize how much of a genius he really his. His song like lollipop get him airtime and money. It's his other songs, with the sickest lines since Biggie, that will make him a legend.

Sometimes artists aren't recognized until they are dead. This might be the case with lil wayne? He might be seen as a pop star now, but in the future, he will be known as one of the greatest lyricists to walk the face of this year.

trinisouljah said...

lol n.contemplation i found this blog because i was looking for that late text line too

anonymous a sammich is just a damn good sandwich

and i think the whole upgrade you freestyle was good, "even deaf bitches say hi to me, she tell a blind bitch and she say i gotta see" lol

also, i don't get how you put, "handled the game so long, my thumb's bruised" isn't he just comparing the game to playing video game??

trinisouljah said...

my bad i didn't see someone already commented on playing video games anyway co-sign the person that said that

Mik A. said...

I used the "handling the game so long, my thumb's bruised" line as an example of the nonsensical quality of Wayne's lyrics. Being young video game era cats, we understand that he's comparing the rap game to Super Mario Kart. But let's ASSUME you didn't know what he was talking about; on the surface, the line is ridiculous, because when you hear "handling the game so long" automatically you're expecting something about his long, dominant rap career. Then when he says some shit about his thumb being bruised it's like...Huh? But then it's like...Oooooh, shit! And now I'm going to shut the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

his sammich line is referring to cooking coke, as well as his line from stunting like my daddy, she saw me cookin eggs she thought i was back at, referring to cooking and dealing drugs as wayne claims he did in the past, also the chewing sound after the show me my opponent line is meant to be the sound of putting in a mouth piece like in a boxing match looking across the ring, show me opponent,

waynes just "wildin' out like capitol one whats in your wallet, so you fly but what is that to pilot"

redrumk said...

i'm not against rap, i'm not against rappers...

Anonymous said...

Lil Wayne Sucks, you fuckin corny piece of shit.
I know you're white, cuz only wiggers like that garbage little wayne calls "lyrics"
fuckin douche bag

malv said...

lol i like how most people that comments here missed the author's sarcasm.

haha i laughed a bit on the part about lil'wayne's cackle though.

But for real lil'wayne is allright. Some of his lyrics got real good punchline. I don't understand why he got so many haters out here. (curiously most of those haters are those posers that make themselves sounds like a rap-expert. lol)

Anonymous said...

Look When Lil wayne saids
"Show me my opponent" Then Saids "Shooeemyponent" Hes obviously reffering to eating chips ... waiting for his opponent like is there ever gonna be one? well.. might as well eat something mabye i didnt some it up or explain it good enough but this is what he means

Anonymous said...

just wanted to let you know, i loved reading this and i agree, i think his poetry deserves to published and explicated...i don't think people realize how sick it is that he can freestyle with so much wit.

Uno said...

Ok Ok OK, Wayne is and will always be the greatest of all time lyrically unless someone else can come along that turns series of words into a crazy thought invoking piece.

How can you say Wayne "sucks"... oh oh oh I know how, cause he makes YOUR rap music and YOUR favorite rappers sound rediculous. If you think rap HAS to be about how many people you gone kill nigga then go head listen to E-40 and 3six but saying someone that actually thinks about what they do sucks is just stupid.

Wayne speaks to people as if he is living what he's saying and that's what makes him legit. No one other then Tupac has been able to accomplish such a task, everyone else is the backstreet boys of Hip Hop and Rap.

Quote me on this:

Lil' Wayne will go down in history as a genius when he is stopped being looked at as a thug and is started to be looked at as an artist.

Anonymous said...

Gone in the coupe with the roof steady chasin me.

Anonymous said...

goin take a nap mayne, its nap time, i'll holla back at snack time

Anonymous said...

I thought he was takin a bong rip between "show me my opponent" and "showeemyponent"

Anonymous said...

money to be made best believe a nigga glockin, i run it myself like a quarterback option

Anonymous said...

"he's a beast, he's a dog, he's a motha fuckin problem. ok your a goon but whats a goon to a goblin"

Anonymous said...

first off people who say that wayne sucks, id like you to try and come up with half the shit he thinks of. Some people say he isnt even human, shit id beleive it. who else on this planet has recorded at least 1000 different songs?

my favorite verse would have to be from beat without bass

Okay, my leather so soft but don't think I ain't hard
Bitch say Weezy make it rain, I say bitch I ain't God
But I am God's son, but you know I ain't Nas
See, he got a positive aim, and I aim nines
Man, little Weezy got a style that even I can't find
Man, some shit just be so hard, I be like that line ain't mine
And if that is under a gram, then that line ain't mine
And if you niggas talking war, well bitch, it's combat time
Hey, I take three l's to the head: love, live, life, and I'm dead

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to start off and say I love Lil Wayne. I am not a bopper or anything but he is a beast. I want to clarify anyone who thinks he is dumb has lost their damn minds. YThe shit he spits is def ingenious. I mean some of it don't make no sense (or maybe I just havent figured out the meaning yet) but most of shit t makes a lot of sense. It just mad complex so you might not get it right away. I love beat w/o bass whoever posted that verse. I was trying to come up with a line and I decided to share with yall one of my favorite verses off of his last released album.
"To the left, to the left. If you want to leave be my guest you can step. Feeling irreplaceable, listening to Beyonce. Well ok I out on your B-Day"

Anonymous said...

I am sorry bout my line, i forgot a few words. the last line is suppose to read "well ok i out you out on your B Day"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Call me Mr. Carter or Mr. Lawn Mower
Boy I got so many bitches like I'm Michael Lowry. Even Gwen Stefani said she couldn't doubt me"
FYI: Mike Lowry is Will Smith in Bad Boys and Gwen Stefani started off in a group called No Doubt

stu said...

Heavy wetter, nigga super soaker wetter, nigga
Six feet under flowers, you ain't nothing but a petal nigga
I'm just a little nigga, trying to be a civil nigga
Thirty years old, shit that'll be a different nigga
Quit it Wayne, your Mom is listenin

Bby Greeno said...

Correction.Im not sure if the guy who wrote this page listens to wayne enough but in "Stunting like my Daddy" when it sounds like weezy have somthing in his mouth, hes taking a BONG HIT* not eating. listen to the lighter spark and the bubbling of the bong water. alot of his songs you can hear stuff like this.

dexoplex said...

"pops i did it to em',
i'm a bastard,
and i'd do it again
like nigga backwards."

Anonymous said...

You did a great job interpreting and Weezy's top 10 lines. All i can say is well done-now I'm going to go listen to some...And to all y'all haters, don't fuck with the president of lilweezyana, cause we will eat you alive..

Anonymous said...

"I wake up in the mornin take a piss and wash my hands, take a knee and thank the man, and get back to the money" great weezy line

The Blogs They Carried said...

"Flow retarded when I spit I get my drool on"

Anonymous said...

about the " show me my opponent " line .
i always thought the " chewing " sound was him putting in a mouthpiece .
haha .

Anonymous said...

pimpin over here, i ain't santa claus but i make it rain deer

Anonymous said...

a few of my favorites:

"can get a hundred thousand up in these jeans.... big stacks, my pockets on creatine"

"they call me wayne. dirty south chaperone. so far ahead of the race i dont kno which lap im on."

"fuck em...fuck em...fuck em... even if they celibate"

and prolly my alltime is a more recent one from the I Put On remix

"Blowin money, throwin money, its snowin money! these bitches should lay down and make a snow angel! let the bitch suk my dick make her throat famous...her throat famous!"

Anonymous said...

oh and almost forgot this one.

"ima dogg, ima dogg, ima doggya. aint talking Georgetown cuz im an uptown Hoya!"

Anonymous said...

Hit em with the Glock
Put em in a Coma
Now what that boy got?

Anonymous said...

All u fuckin haters just shut up i wanna see you rap.

weeeezy babyy said...

I'm rare like Mr. Clean with hair -Lil wayne.

Anonymous said...

All of you are wack as fuck you have no idea how to talk about wayne or clearly don't even know what the definition of a good line all need to stop pretending like you know anything about wayne and actually start listening to his music and reading up on him instead of posting possibly some of his worst lines

Anonymous said...

All of you are wack as fuck you have no idea how to talk about wayne or clearly don't even know what the definition of a good line all need to stop pretending like you know anything about wayne and actually start listening to his music and reading up on him instead of posting possibly some of his worst lines

Anonymous said...

o my god!!!! nobody knows that line. its hard to understand and im not being an asshole. accept for the dude who made the list, fuck you, if you wanna talk shit on ppl know what your talking about, nothing on there is right. any ways in that line he says "how u want it? show me my opponent" eats some chips and says "done with my opponent" he is saying nobody is on his level and he eats everyone up cuz he is so much better

Anonymous said...

when wayne in stuntin like my daddy does the show me my opponent. he says "show me my opponent" eats whatev he eats then he says "DONE with my opponent" as in he found him, ate him, and once again dropped a nasty line that makes everyone talk for months about it.

Anonymous said...

none of you get the lyrics, lampin in the hamptons like what the fuck is a hammock, the chief up in the kitchen like what the fuck is a samich. it has nothing to do with cooking crack in the kitchen. he is talking about how rich he is. he is in a five star hotel like what the fuck is a hammock, and he has his own five star chief like what the fuck is a samich!!

Anonymous said...

it is very hard for me to say these are the 10 best lil wayne lines, because quite frankly they're not.
when he says if hip hop is dead then im the embalming fluid, its not cus hes admitting defeat, because he has not been defeated. in my mind he is saying that because embalming fluid is used to PRESERVE the corpse. therefore, if hip hop was dead he was preserving it. you know, SAVING IT?
wayne didnt pave the road for great rappers all over, 2pac & Notorious BIG did that. Jay-Z & Nas put the signs up on the side of the road, but Wayne led the tailgate in his Lam.

Anonymous said...

i think your fucken retarded, half of these arent even clkose to his greatest lines.

Anonymous said...

i think your fucken retarded, half of these arent even clkose to his greatest lines. bt everyone else who commebted did

Anonymous said...

lil wayne went to art school...

maniac said...

pretty good read, but not even close to his top 10 lines ... oh and by tha way in "stuntin like my daddy" it sounds nothing like a bong hit, sounds like a wrapper of some sort and he obviously has food in his mouth because he is tha "rapper eater" . . feel me?

Anonymous said...

"If hip-hop is dead, then I am the embalming fluid."

i think what he meant to say is that hes the one keeping it "alive" or stopping it from "decaying"...

Anonymous said...

i much applaud you, all of the people that are giving negative details about what you did is simply absurd. these people obviously fail to see the real reason that wayne carter is the rapper of our generations, and most likely, any generation. every single line you broke down was on point, everything backed with true facts (enter underlying lil wayne chuckle here)and people that are hating on your work are those very same people that don't get the subtle laughs.
I have much time to kill and me and my friends often break down the lyrical genius of lil wayne and discuss the deeper meanings of what he says. you are a lyrical master if you are able to actually interpret 1/2 of wayne's songs.

Anonymous said...

She said her pussy is poppin im like if thats the case imma beat it like johnny cochran. SICKEST LINE!!! (johnny cochran was o.j simpsons lawyer. if thats the CASE imma beat it like johnny cochran!!)

Anonymous said...

"fuck em...fuck em...fuck em, even if they celibate I know the game is crazy it's more crazy than it's ever been I married to that crazy bitch call me kevin federline. It's obvious that he'll be cash money till the death of him, the ground shall break when they bury him, bury him. I know one day they gonna bury me better lock my casket tight baby so I don't let the devil in"

Anonymous said...

"fuck em...fuck em...fuck em, even if they celibate I know the game is crazy it's more crazy than it's ever been I married to that crazy bitch call me kevin federline. It's obvious that he'll be cash money till the death of him, the ground shall break when they bury him, bury him. I know one day they gonna bury me better lock my casket tight baby so I don't let the devil in"

Anonymous said...

the johnny cochran line is the sickest but i like this one too... "i'm all about a dollar like 4 quarters"

its simple but hes the only rapper that could come up with it

Anonymous said...

I agree with all that you are saying exept one and maybe 2, you said "she back it up " then truck sound, if your talking about loliipop whens hes like "she back it up" liek berp berp, he trying to say she back it up liek a actual berp because a berp goes back up, k i know i didnt explain it properlly but hopfully u get the jift, also i think the crunching part about the opponent, is suppose to be like show me my oppnent then hes eating somethign and he sais show me my opponent again with a full mouth because if rude and careleess and that what he would think of his opponent liek its ntohgin who cares.

Anonymous said...

I loved this line, it just made me and my friend laugh because its something that alot of people do that they dont even notice, or they do, and wayne bring it out in the open. from the song pussy monster, "when i lift my top lip, i can still smell you"

Anonymous said...

If you truly understand wayne these two "lines" would mean somehting to you even though u may or may not be able to describe them.

1) "Do what, do when, do who, do you, and you to, and you 2, woohoo , hehe"

2)But They Wont Even Get a Bar on My Mixtape I'm probably on a Boat Feeding the Bitch Grapes and Crepes,
By The Way that’s French Pancakes,
De Pellön Fronce tré Bien, Garcon Adur Sur Le Bien,
Pardon My French,

Lil Wayne - Famous

Anonymous said...

wow.umm..All i have to say is that Weezy Baby is lyrically Insane.

My favorite's are.
"See my dreads hangin like a, like a rasta boy. but with my rasta in I'll turn into mufasa boy. we run up in ya casa boy, and blast off like NASA boy"
-"S" on my chest.

"shit, get on my level you can't get on my level. you gon need a space shuttle or a ladder thats forever, however i'm better if not now than never"
-3 Peat.

Anonymous said...

Where's your umbrella? Now get your raincoat
Baby I make it flood, now you gon' need a boat

Anonymous said...

but i put her car in park and never let her cry alone i listen to her heart beat beacuse it plays my favourite song - crying out for me remix. weezy's got a human side too

LOS GMFB said...

Like a true gentleman im after yo lady.hes saying it like LADIES AND GENTLEMEN..sssiicccckkk

Table One Hip-Hop said...

i think the sammich line refers to the idea that this chef is figuratively so snooty that he doesn't even know what a sandwich is anymore.

Anonymous said...

"they can not see me they are like stevie" tell me another rapper who can make a line better than this

gabe said...

i hate when people start hating on wayne.i didnt get a chance 2 read all the haters comments but newayz.. mik we r on the same page. i dnt think nobody understands the tru meaning of is lines. he is the best raper/ lyricist alive B4 god & after heaven.. u hit every phrase on the dot. keep preaching the truth & just b like weezy

"i got these haters like when will he stop. maybe a minute after never. so set ur clocks"

Anonymous said...

Your explanations of his lines are mostly not right at all. Pretty much everything you said here is off. You don't understand his style. He isn't eating his opponent, he is eating chips like he really doesn't care and isn't "worried bout shit". And how can you not understand the thumbs bruising line? You handle things with your hands, and thumbs are on your hands, are they not? Please stop thinking that you know what you're talking about.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

my two best friends will accompany me, and right now they are in my dungarees sleep, one name Mack one name Nina, they hit ya make ya do the Macarenna

Anonymous said...

lil wayne is the best rapper alive. end of story

SkillPB21 said...

Are you an idiot.. When he says quick draw mcgraw I went to art school.. He isnt actually insinuating he is an art school grad.. Its word play man come on

SkillPB21 said...

Im gonna have to hit this again.. Yours saying lines dont make sense and too weak and fourteen days its not nonsense thats how a metaphor is constructed.. And why is the show me my opponent thing so creative?? Wayne is great no doubt, but you have highlighted the wrong things bro..

Tyler said...

alrite idiots the pause bw how you want it show me my opponent and show me my opponent is a bottle pop and pour straight into the mouth then he repeats you want it? show me my opponent...[bottle cracks, guluh guluh gluh straight outta the bottle, listen to weezy pour it in his mouth and hold the liquid in while he says] SHOW ME MY OPPONENT (take a swig of something then talk and tell me it doesn't sound just like tune.

Anonymous said...

Weezy wuz a fool on BM Jr.
"Man, a train couldn't stop ya man
I man up and you not a man
I stand up say 'I got my land'
I'm da man of my land
Call it 'Lilweezyana'....
that's da new plan"
Dat song is one of my favorite all-time from Wayne.

Austin said...

I would have to agree with those who said that other than the "safe sex is great sex" lyric, the rest of the lyrics you listed really don't at all begin to capture the true fire that weezy is able to spit. My personal favorite...

1) "Check my swag, I travel like sound dog, you play hard
And I gravel like ground dog, I'm under ground call me ground hog
Lay down laws call me ground law but don't confuse me wit da law
Naw, but just confuse me wit my paw because I am the Birdman J.R.
I ain't trippin' nigga, I play tha corner like Rip-Kin nigga
Wit tha 40 Cal Rip-kin nigga, rip a nigga, flip ya vehicle
Split ya windshield, whack ya baby mama, but I let tha kid live
And people say that I am a kid still, 'cuz tha lil' nigga
Still ride on big wheels"...

Anonymous said...

The fact that Lil Wayne has so many haters is pretty absurd. Sure, he spits the odd line here and there that aren't of much worth but just look at his career.

Let's see, his first album has 17 tracks, presumably with at least 2 of his own verses each. Well that's 34 verses right there. But anyway, he's had 6 solo albums, so that means (6x34) 204 verses on his solo albums alone. Plus there's the leak, which has 6 more tracks so thats (another 12) 216 verses.

But of course, Lil Wayne isn't really an "album" rapper, he's focused mostly on mixtapes. I can't begin to count how many, but there's definately 3 Da Droughts, 6 Da Drought is Overs, 2 Dedications, Hottest Nigga Under the Sun, Tha Carter Sessions and Tha Carter Leftovers. Some have about 30 tracks (2 discs), some might just be one disc, so I'm gonna guess that each has 20 tracks on average, two verses per song (lots of guests again). That' least 14 mixtapes...280 songs? 560 verses? Okay, so that's 776 verses roughly so far.

Then there are 7 Sqad mixtapes, 3 Hot Boys albums...let's say he has one verse on each track, 15 tracks on each...another 150 verses right there. That's 926 right there.

Then there's the collaboration albums with Birdman and Juelz Santana, let's say 15 tracks with one verse each, so there's another 30 (956). Then adding up all of the guest appearances ever made there are at least 50 (maybe more So that's maybe 1000 verses in his career, and that's absolutely minimum, I'm missing out a LOT here, especially all the freestyles and stuff.

How many bars per verse would you say? Should we round down to 12? Sounds fair.

So, at least 12,000 verses. Now are you really that surprised that one weak one might slip out every now and then?

Anonymous said...

Woops, 12,000 lines, I meant to finish with, not verses.

Anonymous said...

"But I know what I'm doin',
Out the window of the jet U C LA like a Bruin."

Other than that, he sucks... I don't care if he buried Tupac's ghost in a battle. He would still suck because he's killing the industry and turning it into just that - an industry - with songs like Lollipop and I Feel Like Dying.

Anonymous said...

Oh and one more thing I forgot to add to the comment I left about 5 minutes ago:

If you really want something brilliant to deeply analyze, please take a look at Lupe Fiasco's "Food&Liquor" and "The Cool". He's the most intelligent rapper and he's a true poet, unlike your boy Weezy.

Anonymous said...

the sammich line may refer to cooking crack... like in sky is the limit he says "im relyin on rap but in the kitchen im a chemist"

body & volume, natch. said...

I feel you, homeboy. And I couldn't agree more. I'd like to see Weezy, a boombox and a campfire - maybe s'mores (fingers crossed) - yes.

Anonymous said...

lil wayne is a very very smart guy. so for those of you who say hes dumb, your dumb. all of his lyrics make perfect sense. many times he is saying something different than what u thnk he is. and no, noone is overinterpretating his lines. what this guy says makes perfect sense. you should smoke a blunt or 2 then throw in some weezy. new favorite artist. bet

candizzle said...

hahahhahahahahahhahahaa just made my day. lil wayne is so shit.

TrS said...

waynes lines are sick no matter how you interpret them.
some i like...
"I gets hotter by the tock before i sizzle to death, i just tell the clock gimmie a sec."
"I'm a monster i tell you, Monster wayne
I have just swollowed the keys to the house of pain
Now im stuck here to deal with the houses pain
Fuck with me i will peel like the houses paint."
"I'm from the dirty like the bottom of my pants cuffs"
"I'm tryin to be polite, but you bitches in my hair like the fucking po-LICE."
"drink alot of syrup so they say im sleep walkin', Big money for grill so we neva cheap talkin"

so sick,

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that this article is mocking Wayne, which is acceptable and hilarious. If you're a dumbass like half the people commenting on this page, you think Wayne is the greatest rapper alive, even though he has the diction range of about a 5 year old and he uses words that don't even exist. The fact of the matter is, you all hop on Wayne's dick for lyrics that just aren't real. Get a hold of yourself people. He sounds like a bitch with emphysema, he's 5'6, and he raps about how he almost died in traffic when the person who shot him was none other than himself.

Anonymous said...

How about this for a change. The 10 worst lines this idiot has ever put on a track. Tupac. Jay-Z. Em. Biggie. Eazy. Nas. Snoop. They're rap. Not this fraud.

10. Basically every lyric in Lollipop.

9. "Tell ‘em keep my name out they mouth cuz they don’t know me."
-Fillet Mignon.

8. "Straight down ya chimney in ya living room is I, Weezy allergic to wintertime... hot."

7. "Modern day Pacino, but this is not a movie, but I do watch movies when I sit in my jocose."
-Some remix with the second best rapper alive, Juelz Santana

6. "I do's it like it's never been done, so you can suck my dick with a elephant tongue."

5. "I could get your brains for a bargain, Like I bought it from target, Hip hop is my supermarket, Shopping cart full of fake hip hop artists, I'm starving, sorry I gotta eat all it, And I'll be back in the morning."
-Phone Home

4. "Simon says, shoot a nigga in his thigh and leg, and tell him ketchup like mayonnaise."

3. "In the back of the back, it’s just me and my little brother bitch, we call him Little Snack , um, why we call him that? 'cause he like to eat snacks, and I like to eat rappers like he like to eat snacks."
-Bitch Named Nina

2. "And when I was five, my favorite movie was The Gremlins, ain’t got shit to do with this, but I just thought that I should mention. "
-Sky Is The Limit

1. "I am the greatest rapper alive."
-Basically every song. (PS, you're not).

Alex said...

these are all nice. here's some insight..."Handled the game so long, my thumb's bruised." Wayne is talking about playing a video game... the bruise is from playing it.

Alex said...

these are all nice. here's some insight..."Handled the game so long, my thumb's bruised." Wayne is talking about playing a video game... the bruise is from playing it.

Anonymous said...

His name is Dwayne Michael Carter not Wayne carter. Just lettin you know that you might want to get your facts right before you do one of these pages.

Anonymous said...

I, I am the beast, feed me rappers or feed me beats, im untame i leash, im insane i need a shrink, i love brain i need a leech, why complain on easy street, i dont even talk i let the visa speak

Anonymous said...

The heart of New Orleans.
Thumpin and beatin, livin and breathin.
stealin and feedin, peelin and leavin.
killin and grievin, dearly departed,
erased deleted.

Anonymous said...

No prints, No plates, No face, No Trace. out of sight out of mind.
No court no case

Anonymous said...

My god is my judge, no gown, no gavel.
Uh, Im a rebel, Time for battle

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this is right but I have also heard that the second showmemyopponent line is actually "done wit my oppenent"

Which will make sound clever as well but like I said I don't know

Matt Johann said...

in red rum a kind of underground song he raps and i quote..."i need a whore to be slaved, i need a whore ro be saved, i need a whore to be gay, what the fuck am i saying..." so at least hes realizing his quotes make absolutely no since but still is selling. How arrogant can you get? his beats are good and autotune puts your body in a harmonic mood but the lyrics are just ridiculous.

AP said...

"like a circle of knives i got the sharpest flow around"

Anonymous said...

"like a circle of knives i got the sharpest flow around" - knives are sharp and they are in a circle...around...get it

Anonymous said...

Damn right im nasty, how i come through in that white-out astin...the leather guts, and might i add in, its black on crome like Darren McFadden.

Anonymous said...

Came out speratically, same time compatibly. Wayne Carter graduate, Bang Bang Academy.

Anonymous said...

This is where them ni**as die fast, sell bricks, and buy bags. They dodge class to hit the block and go find cash. You drive past, take my fast. Cuz my man aint to escapin when shots blast.

Anonymous said...

Them boys pussy, born without a backbone. And if ya strapped, we can trade like the Dow Jones.

Anonymous said...

I still feel that go dj is wayne's best song. The last verse is rediculous.

-Stunna my Pa so you know that's in me
Gotti my mentor so don't go there wit me

-And I aint just begun, I been runnin my city like Diddy ya chump
I fly by ya in a foreign whip, on the throttle wit a model bony bitch
Pair of phony tits, her hair is long and shit, to her thong and shit

-I'm steady lightin up the hash and, ridin in my jag you will need a gas mask man

-So I'ma walk into the restaurant alone, leavin out
Leavin behind just residue and bones
In your residents with Rugers to your dome
Like where the fuck you holdin the coke, hole in ya throat, choke

Anonymous said...

... His name is Dwayne Carter not Wayne Carter

Glen said...

1) Since Lil wayne's overall mindset is always in such an unpredictable state, his lyrics are really what you make of them. It all goes down to this with weazy- to each his own.

2) I feel like there can be rappers and there can be entertainers. Rappers would be ppl like Nas, Jadakiss, Tupac, BIggie and entertainers like Kanye West, Soulja Boy (dude sucks but lets face it, his shit is catchy and hes making money), and Weazy. Judging by Weazy's popularity and sales, obviously, he has mastered the art of entertainment, so stop trying to extract meaning from his music, and instead accept the euphoria one gains from it.

Anonymous said...

And from the jet you see l.a like a bruin. ( ucla bruin)

Anonymous said...

Honestly, you are making too much out of some lyrics. I think he's a shockingly creative and daring artist but I dislike his voice and his lyrical are flat out annoying at times. His lyrical prowess is not what you make it to be, in my opinion. Immortal Technique has legitimate lyrical prowess in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I laugh every time I hear this one: "I used to daydream about Benzes and Porsches, and by eighteen I had a Benz and a Porscha."

Ian said...

"Even deaf bitches say hi to me, She tell a blind bitch and she say i gotta see"

Ian said...

" I've been through it all, the feels the falls, i'm like niagara. but i got right back up like viagra, i am agriculture, swagger so mean it might insult ya."

"Car, ter, i spit movies like a vcr, i spit rounds like the tiki bar and if i got beef i'm the meat cleaver"
- Love me or hate me

Danielle said...

His best line by farrrrrrrr is im so twisted i walk in swirls, im so lifted i walk on clouds, please, please, please dont shoot me down from the song told ya'll. so amazingg (:

Anonymous said...

How about ill take probation cause i dont want that T.I. and Vick Vacation. i have listened to this line a million times in two days so addicting.

Anonymous said...



Carl B. said...

That was a dope ass analysis. Good shit.

Randall said...

Haha i thought that show me my opponent part was him drinking some promethazine or hitting a bong... and im pretty sure im right... hes saying that he doesnt care hell be fucked up on all the drugs he wants and still be on his sh*t

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

There a hundred different ways to take what he says... that is the beauty of any written or spoken literature. Some of the things have simple meanings that could be taken deep, and some things he says are supposed to be deep. Either way, it is all for entertainment, and it is meant to be interpreted differently by different people.

I believe the “sammich” line is addressing that even though he is surrounded by and enjoys the rich lifestyle and all the luxuries that come with it, he still enjoys what he is an where he comes from... like a sammich... not a sandwhich (which the chef in this instance would have understood)... it also hints towards the idea that he is misunderstood by the people he is surrounded by (and probably everyone for that matter) because even though he is amongst the super rich, he is still from the hood, and likes his “sammiches.” (sammich is representing more than just the food)
I don’t believe he is referring to crack at this moment although he does refer to that earlier, and many other times... As for the fluid, he is referring to himself as the thing holding hip hop together, or preventing it from decaying completely, and keeping it as fresh as it can be...

David said...

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Anonymous said...

No offense but when he refers to "Embalming fluid" hes saying raps dying and hes keeping it fresh s long as possible. ;) you got most of em right tho

Kate said...

although i don't personally agree with everything you wrote, i think that is the beauty of language....or art....I am an artist and never expect people to have the same interpretation on my pieces as I do because your interpretation comes from your experiences - and the fact that so many people disagree on what Wayne had to say shows how truly great an artist he is. Other simple rappers - you know, without a doubt the meaning of their lyrics. However, Wayne is a poet - always up for interpretation. Sometimes I'll marvel at his work, sometimes I laugh because he has such a good sense of humour and sometimes when a perfect line hits a perfect beat I will smile broadly and not be able to stop. People who hate Lil Wayne either hate change, hate what they don't understand or hate period. In the end it doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

The chef up in the kitchen lines.. are being over analyzed..

the whole song is about him coming from nothing to getting rich..

he shows up in the hamptons.. doesnt know what a hammock is because thats a rich person thing..

the chef doesnt understand what a sammich is which a lot of southern ppl say sandwhich as sammich.. becausse the chef usually cooks amazing meals.. quit looking to deep into things

Anonymous said...

I have foursomes and I don't have to force them

Anonymous said...

I have one thing to say, if you read all the dang posts on here and you leave one of your own saying that you don't like lil' Wayne, why the f&$k did you just read all the dang posts! go read you dang emo posts saying you cut your wrists cuz it feels good when you're an idiot.

Anonymous said...

best Weezy quote ever:
You say you love that girl, but thats been my bitch
So if you've kissed that girl,
then you've sucked my dick

Anonymous said...

You guys are stupid, his "handled the game so long my thumbs bruised" is refering to him driving a car and because he has been driving it so long his thumbs briused

"The Magician" said...

The Sad Thing Is...That All These People Missed What You're Actually Saying....That He SUCKS!!
(or Maybe I'm Wrong)

cesar gutierrez said...

i think lil wayne is a really good rapper, his flow is on point, he connects with his audience but for him to proclaim himself as best rapper alive is outta line. Metaphorically no one is better than lupe fiasco, Word play=Lupe

Drake is already hotter than wayne but he uses the mixtape method as well. Wayne is great but not a metaphorically or lyrical genius

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"Show me my opponent" and then the "Shooeemyponent" guys dont listen to enough lil wayne lol
hes the "rapper eater" you know the whole "feed me rappers or feed me beats" hes saying show me my opponent and then the next line "shooeemyponent" is him "eating" that opponent and say to show him the next
hes basically saying no1 can beat him hes a beast hes the best

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

fuck that first guy that says youre over interpreting things. Anyone who anonymously boasts their drug addiction is just a fucking fool. weezy is so sick. lil wayne for president, fuck em, fuck em fuck em, even if they celibate i know the game is crazy its more crazy than its ever been, im married to that crazy bitch, call me kevin federlin

Anonymous said...

ok lil wayne has some of if not the sickest lyrics out there but he bullshits it.
lil wayne does not write his own lyrics!!!
the entire carter and carter2 albums were written by "Gillie da kid" and i bet someone writes his lyrics now too

a quote from wayne "I don't write lyrics because I aint got time"

Anonymous said...

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jacob said...

ive got a line.

"look,i am the beast,feed me rappers or feed me beets,im untamed i need a leash,im insane i need a shrink,i love brain i need a leech,why complain on easy streets,i dont even talk i let the visa speak and i like,my sprite,easter pink..."

as for the line in stuntin like my daddy the"shomemyoponent"
hes eating his opponent. think about it.he calls himself the rapper eater. i used to be a wayne head til he went soft.

Anonymous said...

They cant stop me...even if they stopped me ha ha ha yea

im on it ooh im on it im so on it and how ever you want it
you can get it tonight hoe
and all night hoe i get the beat from
A f**kin right hoe
i might go crazy on these niggas I dont give a motherf**k
run up in a nigga house and shoot his grandmother up what!
what I dont give a motherf**k get cha baby kidnapped
and ya baby motherf**ked
it’s tha Carter 3 bitch better put ya supper up
Hollygrove i throw it up like im tryna lose my gut
F**k is up beat him up like a million uppercuts
got a million duffeled up for the f**k of it
shit get on my level you cant get on my level
you would need a spaceshuttle or a ladder thats forever
however im better if not now than never
dont you ever fix ya lips unless you bout to suck my dick
bitch swallow my words taste my thoughts
and if its too nasty spit it back at me
two more inches i’da been in that casket
according to the doctor i could of died in traffic
bounce right back on them bitches like Magic
abra-cadabra im up like Viagra
i just do this shit for my click like Adam Sandler
I control hip hop and ima keep it on my channel
Watch me!
Bitch watch me!
Bitch watch me!
But they cannot see me like Hitler
its the New Orleans Nightmare
money so old its growin white hair
Young Money baby
yeah we right here
ima make sure we ball till we fall like tears
and mama dont cry
ya son can handle his
I got her out the hood and put her in the hills
yeah when i was fourteen I told my mom we will see better days
and sure enough i got Miss Cita in a better place
when I was fourteen I told my mom we will see better days
and sure enough we did exactly what I say
i told my girl when you f**k me better f**k me good
cause if another girl could she gon f**k me good
no sittin at the table if you bringin nothin to it
and i get straight to it like its nothin to it
yea I got game like Stuart…Scott
fresh out the ESPN shop
and when sports in the poppin
e’ery thang stoppin but you cant fool me i know what you watchin
You watch me
You watch me
Cause I be
WEE-ZY must see t.v.
C3 nigga thats me
and im me im me
times three so retreat or suffer defeat
im back 3 PEAT

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fuck it Ima gunna from the east side of the New Orleans
Where we eat all the beef and put the bullshit in the toilet
Put the choppers in the Harley
I mean choppers not Harleys not Harleys
Like a cop I popup and stop parties

From I'ma Boss

Anonymous said...

bang bang bang bang call it heavy metal i say bang bang bang make you feel every letter B A N G B A N G G A N G we spray then leave we play when we no we play N E V E R CPR Dr Carter are you the disease boy

Bang bang

Anonymous said...


had to rewind that

obi said...

Finally someone who understands my love for lil wayne im gonna start working on that book

Anonymous said...

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zergiu said...

i love girls and Nice Ass

mclovin6909 said...

Girl I'm nasty, I do my thing and they be calling for me like lassie!

ciocip said...

I play poker online

Antonio said...

the handling the game so long line is a metaphor. he is comparing himself dominating the rap game so long to him playing the video game so long. and the line my thumb's bruised is to credit the fact that the game has been handled so long by him that it leaves wear and tear on the body which is why he states, i been handling the game so long my thumbs bruised. similar to the line "and we run this town like a lot of feet"

Jonathan said...

In the line, "I'm lampin in the hamptons, like what the fuck is a hammick, chef up in the kitchen like what the fuck is a sammich" the hamptons are well known for there beach front properties and being upscale, the chef well to do "a chef in the hamptons" and is not use to this type of language "sammich", and wayne is from the hood and not use to the type of shit like a hammick, but because of waynes money it brings the two different worlds together

Walter said...

I dont know if youve already been ridiculed for this one,
but the lyric "handling the game so long. my thumbs bruised"
he is talking about playing video games and metaphorically the rap game

Pineapple said...

Number 2. The crunching sound is him putting in a mouth guard. He's preparing to take on his opponent, just to signify that he's prepared for a great fight. As a boxer often is. Love that line btw.

Jaz said...

Sober living can be learned through alcohol and drug rehabilitation center programs and practiced at sober living homes.

finsta said...

Even though I am a boss and got papers to fill out
I'm busy I got paper to reel in
God I hope they steppin' at the end of my rod
And I hope I'm fishing in the right pond
And I hope you catchin' on to every line
Who am I?

This is my favorite Lil Wayne quote because the pond is the rap game and he hopes your catching on his line as in you listen to his music and then he hopes you understand every line and what it means

imfinsta said...

Even though I am a boss and got papers to fill out
I'm busy I got paper to reel in
God I hope they steppin' at the end of my rod
And I hope I'm fishing in the right pond
And I hope you catchin' on to every line
Who am I?

This is my favorite Lil Wayne quote because the pond is the rap game and he hopes your catching on his line as in you listen to his music and then he hopes you understand every line and what it means

krista6890 said...

if in quote 10 ur saying lil wayne is lying about going to art school.... youre wrong.

ccobainkid89 said...

the chef line, ("Lampin in the Hamptons like 'What the fuck is a hammock?' The chef up in the kitchen like 'What the fuck is a sammich?'") isnt talking about crack or about how the chef dont speak english. that line is basicly saying that Wayne is a poor ass nigga whos "lampin in the hamptons" and doesnt know wtf a hammock is. meanwhile, the chef whose used to cooking up 5 star meals for very rich clientel, is in the kitchen trying to figure out wtf a "sammich" is... just saying...

abdisamad said...

He is alright but if you want real rap poetry
listen to Immortal technique

jonathangalasso said...


Rae. said...

real G's move in silence like lasagna.

if u don't get that...u don't get wayne.

Anonymous said...


no but seriously wayne is fucking garbage, anyone who really appreciates hip hop does not listen to that shit. anyone who has ever heard a REAL MC, knows that listening to wayne's poor excuse for rhymes is going to eat away at your brain until you've become so moronic, so ignorant, so utterly senseless, that you will begin to think wayne is the greatest rapper alive....LMAO

708 wynfield circle said...

what do you mean like fourteen days doesnt make sense a fourteen day old child is weak like the people that hes talkin about... come on dont miss the obvious

Vee said...

"Real G's move in silence like lasagna." One of the most clever rap lines I've ever heard.

henrysteven said...

That's the game stop looking for a fair call, pussycat niggas watch em cough up a hairball. Looking at niggas like "why they got scared dog? the chopper cuts heads off it doesn't cut hair off."

stophatnontune said...

Marley said shoot em, I was like ok......If you want bullshit, then im like ole'

Im sorry I could go on and on

Okay now black card in my pocket, ridin round in that gatti, pistol off in my boxers, I aint got time to be boxin

This one is for the haters

Never gave a fuck about a hater, got money on my radar, dress like a skater, got a big house, came with a elevator, you niggas aint eatin, fuck it tell the waiter.

skippy said...

It’s my life, my life, word to Mary
n-ggas can’t f-ck with me, Virgin Mary
go ahead make my day, dirty Harry
Weezy, f-ck the World pop ya cherry
everybody pushing but I don’t fall back
and everybody looking but blind to the fact
the clock on the wall say it’s time for some action
now you can take that to the bank and cash in
I’m feeling myself, f-ck if they feeling me
can’t spell them without me
it’s them or me
yesterday was a memory
looking in the mirror at my enemy
but today I’m…

Looking for someone to love me
I’m-Im-Im looking for someone to love me


Jeff P. said...

Lil Wayne has some nice lines and some catchy songs, but he doesn't usually tell stories or make songs with meaning. It's just witty lines strung together with no overall real cohesive theme. That's why older dudes like me think people who call Lil Wayne "the greatest rapper alive" are foolish. The tougher challenge is to incorporate good punchlines into a song that clearly tells a story. In my opinion the best songs tell a story or move you in some way or make you think differently about a topic or relate to the artist's life experiences. Lil Wayne just continuously puts together lines about his money and getting fucked up and licking pussy, and his banana clip, which is all great, but I'd be a lot more impressed if the song made sense as a whole, stayed on point throughout and occasionally had deeper meaning.

crisbyy said...

The entire song "6 foot 7 foot" is filled with top 10 worthy lines.

"You no want start Weezy, cause the F is for Finisher."

"I'm married to the money. F*ck the world, that's adultery."

"real G's move in silence like lasagna"(the "g" in lasagna is silent)

My favorite:
"Life is the bitch, and death is her sister
Sleep is the cousin, what a f*ckin' family picture
You know Father Time, and we all know Mother Nature
It's 'All in the Family', but I am of no relation."

Unknown said...

i spit that real talk like knives to ribs

Unknown said...

I puke on the beat I juke and never fumble
Man I spit that dope like I swallowed the bundle
Gotta spit that dope up cause the old heads said if you don't itll bust
Heard if I sell it hard itll rush but if them people come if it's soft itll flush

Unknown said...

lil wayne has admitted that hes not the type of artist that will talk about the same topic for a whole song. THATS NOT HIS STYLE!!!

oddball23 said...

#9. Embalming fluid isn't talking about actual embalming fluid, its referring to sherm, which is a cigarette dipped in PCP, commonly called "embalming fluid". Hes making a drug reference but connecting it literally to the first part of the line, thats why its so sick. Learn your stuff.

sundevil715 said...

The whole "chewing" debate...which seems to be the most talked about on the comments,(a lyric which I've always personally LOVED btw) is all wrong in my opinion. It's not a mouthpiece, it's not a bong...I know what bongs sound like, it's not like that, at all. Its definitely a crunching sound, I always thought of Cheetos when I heard it. But his intention I believe is this...listen up. He's asked to be shown his opponent. At that point, he's soo unafraid, so sure whoever that may be won't come close, that he stuffs his mouth with Cheetos. He could care less what his opponent sounds like. There's a vague sound of disinterest in his tone. And he knows he could whoop this opponent's, if any, ass as soon as he done. Sh!t, he'd even do it with his mouth full.

End of that debate. Onto more of his lyrical genius...

Unknown said...

I prefer to be heard if anything else, so I fear God and the world goin deaf. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?!" - best thing yet

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knox the fox said...

"they locked out of the game
now they freezing and unhappy
while we in the buildin making a killin with our heaters its a 4 sheeter with no bounty we the street cleaners" i though that was pretty sick

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Deja Bee said...

From the song "Ransom" by Drake ft. Lil Wayne
Wayne: "I get paid for every letter like ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ..."

Wayne is so creative in his verses. He can say the whole alphabet in a song and it makes sense.

Deja Bee said...

And also from the song "How can something" where he raps about how he views his relationship with Toya and the birth of his daughter:

"My baby girl thought I was f*cking every little freak.
But darlin I was raised by a woman, that aint the real me.
Still she managed to spill out a lil me.
Watched the doctors wipe the blood from her lil feet.
But Goddamn she resembles me.
She's my forgiveness for every sin and penalty living in me."

Alita Duplanty said...

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