Friday, January 25, 2008

Must Be the Shoes

So, I just got a gig doing weekly updates for the Nike Recess Federation, which is a rec basketball league partially funded by Nike and chaired by the homey jeffstaples (one word), who runs this store and also this design company.

The NRF is comprised of a bunch of magazine editors, filmmakers, DJs, and out-of-control sneaker freaks (check their "Shoe of the Week" posts on the site), and contrary to what you might expect from a lineup like that, these dudes can actually ball.

On a weekly basis, I'll be documenting their exploits all the way until their championship game at Madison Square Garden--and trying to come up with clever ways of saying, "He scored a nice basket." ("He got one"? Or maybe "He hit it"? Or how about the simple, more refined "'Twas a nice shot"?)

Also, in other sports-related stuff, everyone should read my friend Bryan Joiner's essay on Alex Rodriguez ("The Huckster") in Last Exit Magazine. It'll make you understand why A-Rod's one of the most unique, complicated (and uniquely complicated) sports personalities of any generation. Second only in uniqueness to this dude, though, to be fair, Arenas is "unique" in that way your second grade teacher used to describe your writing assignments, you feel me?

And speaking of people who say "you feel me?" when is Omar going to get his own movie.

And speaking of A.D.D. blogging...

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