Tuesday, December 04, 2007

On Bodily Functions

Recently, I've been under a lot of stress. My way of dealing with stress though is by ignoring it and letting my body handle the bulk of the burden. I swear I'm one of the most unstressed out people I know. But every time I think this, there's a voice in my head--representing my body--which seems to say, "Yeah right, pal. Look at your eczema."

It's a number of things stressing me lately, not the least of which is the aspect of taking the GRE's on Saturday. Wish me (a) luck (b) success (c) a Kaplan cheat sheet.

I find myself, at moments like this, wishing that I didn't have to do the things one must do as a human being to maintain one's status as a human being. You know: eating, drinking, crapping, pissing, and sleeping. Now, I've never had a real problem with any of these functions, but lately I've been kind of wishing that I didn't have to deal with them. Except maybe taking a nice dump every now and then. (I'd probably do that even if I didn't have to.)

But sleeping seems to me a waste of a good eight hours. I know I'm not saying anything you haven't thought about or probably read somewhere else, but don't you ever wonder how much more productive we'd all be if we didn't have to waste several hours everyday laying down. It's maddening! (My mom is somewhere shaking her head in disbelief.)

Imagine working for hours on end without getting hungry or tired. Imagine never hearing your stomach growl. Imagine...


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good luck on your GRE