Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Best Part of Waking Up: Idea for Commercial

Int. Day - Ethiopian Coffee Shop

There is a line in front of the register.

Female Customer: Hi, I would like to order a coffee.

Female Barista: Coming right up! Would you like some jizz in it?

Customer: Oh, yes. What kind do you have?

Barista: We have whole jizz, skim jizz, soy jizz, powdered jizz, or condensed jizz.

Customer: Plain jizz will be fine. You know, the type that pools in the tip of a coffee-flavored condom.

Barista: Oh, that's right. My boyfriend uses one of those.

Customer: Mine, too! Isn't it great?

Barista: It is! Sometimes, in the morning, my boyfriend just stirs my coffee with his junk.

[hands Customer coffee]

Customer: Is my extra shot of jizz in here?

Mik [from nowhere]: You bet your ass it is!

Laughter all around.

[holding a packet of the condoms]: Try new Sensation coffee-flavored condoms. That's right, Sensation. Coming up with products that leave you with disgusting mental images since 1996.


Bryan said...

This here should be right up your alley.


Mik A. said...

I laughed, and black beer came out of my nose.

Bilen said...

ew and EW!

guess i'm not drinking any coffee anytime soon. thanks fellas!