Monday, October 01, 2007

On Becoming Black Again

Quick! Someone call bin Laden and tell him to book a couple flights, because it looks like a lot of people are forgetting about the terrorists and turning their xenophobic angst back on black people. Big Al hasn't been this busy in years. First, there was Jena. Then, a couple weeks ago in West Virginia, a 20 year old black woman was kidnapped, sexually assaulted and tortured by the supporting cast of "Deliverance."

More recently, an equally or perhaps even more disturbing story broke yesterday about another Jena-like noose incident. (Note to self. Remember to pitch Slate article idea: "Are nooses the new swastikas?")

This time, the nooses weren't left in a schoolyard by Bayou teens who didn't know any better; it happened in a grown-up, New York police department in Long Island, where a number of new officers, as well as one of the higher-ups, are African-American.

I guess it will take al Qaeda blowing something again to get black people out of the headlines, because it looks like the old beast has woken up from its post-9/11 "We're all in this together" stupor and is slouching back towards America to be re-born.

(2nd note to self: Stop quoting Yeats on blog.)

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