Saturday, July 14, 2007

High Post 3

Not gonna lie to you: I'm pretty high right now.

But not really. High enough, I suppose. I was higher earlier. Now I'm kind of just tired, you know.

[2 minute time lapse]

Sorry, I was just admiring my fingernails. They are magnificent.

Fuck. I'm at that point in the night when, you know, you were high earlier in the evening, but now you're just like..."Wha?" I wonder if I'm just tired and not high. They sometimes feel like the same thing. I wonder if we get high because it's like the closest we can get to sleeping without actually sleeping.

[another time lapse of indeterminate length]

Oh, but I did have this brilliant idea earlier about hosting a dinner party where no one could talk. A silent dinner! Imagine the dynamics. Would people eat faster? Would someone break the silence? Would people go through various emotional stages--hate, jealousy, lust, anger, sadness, elation--even in the absence of words? (Perhaps especially in the absence of words.)

Imagine going to the bathroom at a dinner party like that. Would you just get up and not say anything? Well, you'd have to. And wouldn't that be crushingly painful to do on some level? To not excuse yourself? It would surely alter the mood.

There, I've decided. I'm probably not maybe perhaps definitely never of course no yeah totally going to do this at some point.

I wonder how far I should take it though. When I hear the doorbell, should I open the door and not say anything? Just smile and hug and kiss and point towards the sofa? I am just realizing another thing: people would have to resort to serving themselves, because they wouldn't be able to tell the host what they want.

And they would just have to guess when it was the appropriate time to sit at the table. This would mostly be dictated by the host, I imagine, since he would know who's supposed to be at the party and who's still to come. If you were a guest, you'd be like, "I wonder if we're still waiting for people or not." But the host--he would know.

This idea keeps getting awesomer and awesomer the more I think about it. In silence.

[time passes again...where does it go?]

And as usual I have no idea how I decided on the picture that accompanies this post, but it is pretty cool.

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