Wednesday, June 20, 2007

RE: when are you coming back, man??!?!

From: The Sun
To: Mik Awake
Subject: RE: when are you coming back, man??!?!

What's cracking, Mik?!?! It's me, your boy: The Sun.

My bad for not replying to your email any sooner. It sounds like y'all had a rough winter in NY this year. I know I've been M.I.A. for a while, but, hey: I'm back again for a few months. Want to hang out?

Yeah, it's been a while. I know. Sorry, man. Just been mad busy, warming all these other podunk places, like Australia and Papau New Guinea. You know me, traveling around and what not....Psyche! Good thing Slick Nic killed that nonsense! LOL!

I'm just glad to be back in New York though. For real.

So, what's been up? How's the girl situation? You join that gym like you were thinking about? How was ATL?

Yeaaaaaah, man!!! It feels good to be back!!! I've just been cooped up so long.

Pause: Can we talk about these females, man?!?! Hot damn!!! You should see the things I can get these women to do, man! Taking off clothes and jackets and shit. Put that parka away, baby, the king is back!!! They just be laying out for me, like, all day. Just like that. No lie.

This is why, this is why, this is why I'm hot!



But I'm gonna be real with you, Mik: it ain't all bikinis and body oils these days for me.

You know everyone used to worship my ass back in the day. I'm telling you, man, shit has definitely changed. Nowadays, I can't get no love. You got people complaining about me and shit. Saying that I'm, like, getting too hot. Imagine that. What? You're telling me, "You're doing your job too good"? I'm trying not to get too heated about it. Sigh. (Whoops! I just let off a solar flare with that "sigh"...You'll be feeling it in eight minutes or so. My bad.)

But I hope you're not on that same tip, Mik. I really don't. I mean it's been a few months since we saw each other, but still...I don't know. Maybe you're on that Inconvenient Truth shit like everybody else. Whatever, that nigga's a hater, son...Just mad because he ain't in the sky all day and raining down on mad honeys and making them strip naked. HOLLA!!!

We should definitely link up though. I'll be around. My nights are usually booked for the other side of the world, but I'm free during the days. Pretty much gonna be hanging out at Bryant Park during the week and then most likely Brooklyn on the weekends. (Yo, I heard you moved to Ft. Greene. Tight!)

This is the life, son! New York and me. Back together again. I will never settle down! What does that fool Diddy say? "Can't Stop, Won't Stop." Hahahaha! That's my shit.

I'm rambling though. What's been up with you, man? Hit me up. You know where to find me. We should kick it some time. Any rooftop joints going on this weekend?

Holler back,
The Sun

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