Monday, March 26, 2007

MIMS: The Interview

[Note: This is not a real interview]

Mik Awake: Today, I'm talking to rap artist MIMS about his hot new single, "This Is Why I'm Hot." MIMS, thanks for being here.

MIMS: 'Preciate you having a nigga.

Mik: Now, MIMS. I've got something to ask you and it's been bugging me for a while.

MIMS: MIMS understands your pain.

Mik: Thanks, that's sweet of you, MIMSY. Can I call you that? MIMSY?

MIMS: Absolutely not.

Mik: Back to my question: Now, MIMSY, you say--

MIMS: I told you not to call me MIMSY.

Mik: My fault. Now, MIMS. I've heard the single. Everyone's heard it. But I think I speak for everyone when I say, and I mean this with all due respect--why exactly are you hot?

MIMS: I'm hot because I'm fly.

Mik: Now, is that temperature hot or spicy hot?

MIMS: I would say both.

Mik: Okay, fair enough. Follow up question. Why isn't someone else, say me, Mik Awake, for example--why aren't I hot?

MIMS: You ain't, because you're not.

Mik: Not what? Not hot? Or not fly?

MIMS: Exactly.


MIMS: [Coughs]

Mik: That's very Zen.

MIMS: I'm deep like that. Because I'm fly.

Mik: Right...And why are you fly again.

MIMS: Because I'm hot.

Mik: But I thought you were hot because you're fly.

MIMS: Right. That's what I said.




MIMS: [Checks diamond-encrusted watch]

Mik: MIMS, some people see your song as a subtle commentary on global warming. What does MIMS say?

MIMS: MIMS is hot.

Mik: So profound. MIMS, thanks for being on my blog.

MIMS: Thanks for having me, Mik. I read your blog religiously. Even though you don't post everyday, you have a great sense of humor.

Mik: This is why I'm hot.

[Update: A friend just forwarded me Rob Harvilla's brilliant dissertation on "This Is Why I'm Hot" in the Village Voice. Hat tip to Tsion.]

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