Monday, March 26, 2007

The Album, Dead For Real

Last year, I pronounced the death of the album and said,

With the rise of mixtapes, downloadable music, and the like, listeners are no longer forced to break a $20 (and once a twenty is broken, it's gone) on an entire album. They can pay a buck on iTunes for the song they really bought the album for. Or they can download it illegally on a P2P server.

This morning, so did the New York Times. Them baldheads say,

To the regret of music labels everywhere, she is right: fans are buying fewer and fewer full albums. In the shift from CDs to digital music, buyers can now pick the individual songs they like without having to pay upward of $10 for an album.

I'm saying.

I'm just saying.

All I'm saying is I'm just saying.

I'm saying...

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