Saturday, February 03, 2007

Against the Day...and the Next Day...and the Next...

Browsing through my iTunes' iStore this iSaturday, iI couldn't help but notice that Thomas Pynchon's new novel, which some people have been trying to read for the past few weeks, is available as an audiobook. Now, if you've seen the book in stores, and you know vaguely who Pynchon is, you'll find this funny. You'll also realize that iTunes sells the audiobook for the annoyingly undiscounted price of 24 dollars. If that weren't enough to put you off from buying, there's also the fact that it's read by a man named Dick Hill, whose voice unfortunately lives up to the promise of his name.

If you remain interested, and you aren't put off by such things as price and froggy-voiced Dick Hill, I suggest you pull up a comfortable chair, wedge your buds into your ears, and set aside 53 and a half hours.

No, seriously. It's 53 and a half hours long.

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