Friday, January 26, 2007

Science and Karate

For my previous post on the severely misunderstood Five Percent religious organization, I cribbed much of my information from a friend who was toying with the idea of becoming one of the faithful. We'll call him "wiggles." Apparently, wiggles has a clarification. (Note that the tongue-in-cheek reference to the uneducated zealot is of course a reference to himself.)

He says:

I read your blog about 5%'ers and just wanted to let you know you said a lot of shit based on just 1 (uneducated) zealot's silly fantasy and that I am not turned off by the belief system. And the older gods have placed a jihad on your ass. Sike naw. But the beauty in this belief is its emphasis on personal reconciliation, and that it takes the good things of previous beliefs in a collage-like way (rather Post Modern I might say). If blacks rise out of the impoverished, resentful ghetto state of living, I think this belief system will be one of the most advanced written codes of life we humans have come up with. And this is due to its fundamental belief that we dont know the future and the best way to progress is to:

1) study and building from collected observations of our environment (science), and

2) take care of our bodies (karate)

[Photo courtesy of Ayda Girma]

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Bilen said...

your friend is awesome!