Monday, September 11, 2006

The Awakening: Broken Glass Everywhere

So, I'm busting the bottle on the maiden voyage of my blog. I figure it's BEEN about time, and I figure I'm on the internet ingesting enough as it is, might as well take a couple minutes out of a day to spit it back up.

By way of introduction, my name is Mik, which is short for Mikael. My last name is spelled and pronounced like it looks and sounds. If you're familiar with Amharic, a tribal language of Ethiopia, you will know how to pronounce it in the traditional way (with an impossibly hard "k" sound). If you're not however, then you'll probably want to make a joke regarding my sleep patterns. In which case, I would have to admit that there is much truth in a name. Four hours last night: don't tell my mom.

My parents came to this country from Ethiopia when they were about my age, and they had me in Boston. I graduated from Columbia with an English degree a few years ago and then started making $100K fresh out the gate...

Uh huh.

I live in Harlem, in a studio full of books I haven't read yet and a potted palm tree that's half dead. I work in publishing, and am a founding editor of - and frequent contributor for - The New York Inquirer, the best online magazine that no-money can buy.

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